The World’s largest living, green wall

Milan is the host to the world’s largest living, green wall.  It’s in a shopping mall and has even been included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The wall covers a vast 13,594 square feet and is made up from more than 44,000 plants and other vegetation. The wall cuts down on the mall’s energy consumption which has got to be good news.  It cools during the hot Italian summer months and insulates during the much cooler winter. The plants also absorb noise and improve air quality by counteracting car emissions from the parking lot.

Architect Francesco Bollani explained that the wall cost 3 million dollars to construct. It took a year to grow the plants in the greenhouse and 90 days to build the wall, ‘It was like building a giant Lego.’

With living walls trending all over the world, there are no end of examples. One is the ‘green curtains’ from Kyocera in Japan which are springing up all over the place not only as an energy conservancy aid but also to grow food – soya and kidney beans.

Meanwhile architect Michael Sorkin has voiced his dream, a New York City that is self-sufficient and sustainable, where buildings are covered in green.